Mid Week Motivator- Combating Fall Back Habits

The toughest times with eating for me is when life gets a little more stress full. My default is to seek out food for comfort. My mindset turns to the idea that I can not do something about this situation so I might as well eat.

While I do not keep  “bad” or junk food in the house, it is still possible to overeat. Usually this means indulging my sweet tooth. In those times I need to stop and ask myself why am I eating this food. What is it I hope to get out of it.

I have a difficult time not indulging in this if I keep too many sweets available in the house. There are times that I even avoid the cookie or ice cream aisle. There have been times that most of my shopping trip is spent standing in these places mentally debating about a potential purchase.

When I do buy my sweets, it is after much consideration for not only the physical cost but financial. There are a few alternatives to regular ice cream. I like ArcticZero which is made with all natural ingredients and is 150 calories for an entire pint, which can be pricey at least for me. Other times I get frozen yogurt which I do have to be careful on how many servings eat. From time to time I will get a small pack of cookies. Also frozen fruit like grapes, watermelon and mangles are also a great alternative.

Denying myself completely would lead to utter disaster. But allowing myself to enjoy it from time to time is a good thing. Plus it tastes so much better because I have pulled back.

But at the same time, I need to be careful when I am seeking out sweets to comfort me. These are the moments to step back and reflect. To not just fall back into old habits because it is what I know best. I have worked too hard to let the past rule over me.

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