Growing In Rest….

Rest. A simple four letter word that too many us just do not understand. It seems that in our non-stop culture the idea of rest is simply a foreign one. It is one of the ten commandments, to take a sabbath or day of rest. To rest from our work. To rest. To take the time to reflect on all that God is doing in my life.

I wondered if I even understood how to rest anymore. These last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. I feel as if I have just been on the move, from work, ministry and social commitments. While I have enjoyed some of this being on the move I have also not rested.

I made a decision. I turned off my phone for twenty four hours. A full day of not being constantly connected. This meant no internet, texts, emails or phone calls. In today’s world of social media and building a platform it is expected to be tweeting or face booking often throughout a typical day. I needed a break. Seeing as I could not afford to go out of town, this is what I chose instead.

Let me tell you, it was bliss!

I woke up naturally, not when an alarm went off. This is a rare treat and one that I would recommend for anyone. Then I spent quality time in the scriptures. Every few weeks, I like to look through my sermon notes and write down scripture on index cards that were highlighted in the past weeks sermons. When I write these words down on the index cards, I feel so connected to God. It is a quiet sacred time.

I finished a book of short stories by Janet Frame. Lovely stories about life, love and family.

I worked on some blog posts. Yes, I know work and rest do not usually go with each other but writing is a form of rest for me. As strange as it sounds, writing helps to clear my head. It allows me to understand the world around me. So in this way, it is rest.

I did yoga. It has been too long since I had done that. Yoga is all about being centered and focusing on the movement. Oh and breathing, you need to breath.

I tried out a new recipe for making eggs using my muffin pans. They came out pretty well if I say so myself!

To end the day, I watched a classic film, Bus Stop starring Marilyn Monroe. I need to watch more classic films.

I recognize that having a full day to rest is a blessing and a privilege. I’m grateful to have been able to take this time to rest. It is important. I feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead of me.

What does rest look like for you?

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