Mid Week Motivator- Soreness is Your Friend

Recently, I took a week off from working out while I lead at my church’s camp. This first week getting back into the routine has been hard. Just knowing what was waiting for me once I did start up again. Namely, soreness and lots of it.

Say this with me, soreness is your friend. Being sore, not in pain but sore is a good thing. Remember pain is different from soreness. It means you worked hard. That muscles are waking up. It is ok to admit that soreness sucks.

The thing with sore muscles is to work through it. Do not use the excuse of sore muscles to avoid working out altogether. If you worked your arms into soreness land, then focus on another part of your body the next day. When that part of your body is sore, then you work on those arms again.

Think of your sore muscles as a badge of honor. Stripes you have earned with hard work. Are you sore?
Good! Now go back for some more! And of course be sure to stretch, this will help with the soreness and help prevent injury. This is so important.

Remember, take care if you have an old injury or did hurt yourself getting back out there. The difference between being sore and injured is vast. Soreness is dealing with discomfort and an injury is actual pain. You can work through soreness, if there is pain seek medical help.

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