Mid Week Motivator- Loving Our Bodies With the Food We Eat

Last week I addressed loving my body. I want to continue that idea for the month of June. All the different ways to love our bodies. Previously I discussed looking at your own body and listing all the aspects of it that you like. State of mind is so important! Another aspect to loving our bodies is how we treat them. Yes that means exercise and food. I do not want to give a how to or list. But more of a mindset towards eating and exercising.


This week I want to address attitudes towards eating. This has been so key in not only my initial weight loss but in maintaining ever since. Food is not just there to satisfy. I know that is such a strange concept! Food is not just for me to enjoy, but it is also for my own health. It is also fuel.


Now do not run for the hills. I too tend to roll my eyes at this idea too. Not so much the idea that food as fuel but taking it so seriously. Not allowing for that enjoyment of food in that idea. Food is meant for enjoyment. If it were not why do we enjoy it at all? Why when eating something amazing do we make those mmmmm sounds? Or not speak while the delicious food is in front of us?


What I am saying is asking yourself how can what I am about to eat help me? How is having donuts for breakfast helpful over that bowl of oatmeal or a protein shake? What good will that donut do for you in the long run? Not much to tell you the truth. This means you will need to put some effort in how you do eat. Planning ahead for instance was key for me. Usually what ends up happening is we end eating what ever is around due to lack of planning. It seems odd to have to plan your food, but it is needed.


In my own story, my financial circumstances changed and I was unable to but the kind of food I was used to eating. This meant no more trips through the drive thru or just purchasing what ever I wanted at the grocery store. I was forced to plan what I would eat. Without doing anything else I soon began to lose weight. Slowly, but I lost weight.


This forced me to clean out my cabinets and refriderator. No longer was anything that I would be tempted to eat right away. It was all stuff that I enjoyed, do not get me wrong. However what was in there was all I had to eat. Now I understand that this is not the case for everyone. It may be easier to choose the drive thru or but the usual stuff at the grocery store.


This can be so tough. A lot of money is spent on food and the thought of throwing something out is painful. You have to ask how is having these kinds of food within easy reach helping me. How is helping your family? Perhaps you think you do not have the time to plan your food. Then ask yourself what kind of time can you lose if you do not?


What you put into your body can either help you live a better life or live to eat. I think it is priceless for your children to grow up with you modeling good food choices. That they learn from you how to eat well. It will be an adjustment but in time you will look back and realize how much better life tastes! It sure is something I understand in my own life. I used the app MyFitnessPal to help keep track of calories and serving sizes. The best part is there is no cost to have it! Plus there is a community of people on there who can help you stay accountable. Community is so important!


This is one way to show your body some love. Next week I want to discuss how exercising has helped me not only lose weight but helped me in all aspects of my life.




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