Mid Week Motivator-Taking A 30 DAY CHALLENGE!

I am in the middle of a 30 day challenge called Cross Fit at Home. Something a friend send to me via Pinterest. You can find the workouts at Www.alexajeanbrown.com 30-Day CrossFit Challenge Round 2.

Here are five reasons that I find I am enjoying it:


1- It is challenging– I hate burpees and pushups are a close second and in this challenge I am forced to do them numerous times.


2- The workouts are short but intense– When I started out exercising my workouts were at least an hour long, seven days a week. Not to mention I was also doing a second workout later that evening. This was also during my weight loss phase of my journey. Since then I have had to readjust my perception of what a quality workout is and that does not always mean an hour long.


3- It is flexible– I have had to readjust my rest days or a workout due to my busy life. I have found it is easy to move around a workout from one day to another.


4- It has me excited about exercising again– I have been in workout rut lately and doing this challenge has given me the chance to shake that off.


5- It reminds me that one does not need a lot of equipment – Something that I have known but it often bears reminding. All you need is the right mindset and determination and the rest will follow.


What different kinds of exercises or challenges have you tried?


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