Mid Week Motivator- Bathing Suit Season

It is that time of year when magazines promise to give you tips to have an amazing body in time for swimsuit season. These magazines sell because we have an insatiable desire for that “perfect” body. We want those flat abs and curved behinds just like our favorite celebrities and those models plastered on those pages.

What if instead of wanting to emulate someone else, we strived to embrace our own bodies?

I will begin with myself, my body is beautiful. It is beautiful because it is mine. I will never look like those celebrities or models and that is fine. I work out so I can be healthy. So I can be the best version of myself. Not some pale version of a stranger’s image on the cover of a magazine. One that has been airbrushed and edited. Something that is not real.

Nor will I wait to deem my body as “perfect” to wear a bathing suit. It will never be perfect, there will always be some aspect of my body I think needs improvement. Something that only myself is aware of in the first place. I will not allow this to keep me from enjoying going to the beach or jumping into the pool. I will not allow those images to lie to me that I’m not good enough unless I look a certain way.

The key is finding a suit that you love. Wear the style and color you feel most comfortable for you. Bring along your best friend and have fun finding the best one. It will most likely be less of a chore to shop for it if you have yourself in mind instead of someone else. This also means meeting yourself and your body right where you at right now. Say hello to that image staring back at you. Tell her how fabulous she looks in that suit.

I will wear my bathing suit all summer, I mean how else will I smooth out my crazy farmers tan?

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