Mid Week Motivator- Believe and Amazing Things Can Happen

It takes confidence to take on new things in life. This is something that is not easy to come by. It’s not like you can pick it up at the store.

Having confidence is rather new for me. For so many years I allowed Fear to drain me of any notion of confidence.

I have discovered that confidence is gained two fold. First, you have to believe that you can do it. When I started running I did not think I could run a single lap without stopping. Thanks to a friend’s encouragement, I did it. Then one lap became two, then three and on and on. Confidence takes practice, once you know you can do it, whatever it is, it becomes easier.

The other part, the biggest part is my faith in Christ. The more I grew in my faith. The more I understood I was a beloved daughter, royalty in fact, the more confidence I gained.

I grew in my confidence not only in my physical abilities but also in my ability to write. To write well, to put my words out there either to be accepted or rejected.

Confidence cannot be bought but it can be found. For me that began when I grew in Christ and  a willingness to try new things. To keep on trying regardless of success or failure.

I truly have new life because of the work God does in me. Because I have confidence within me to live a full life. I believe the statement below.


Tweet I sent out yesterday

How have you gained confidence?

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