No Guarantee

Good health is not guaranteed. Something that I have always known but until recently have not really known. As I see and about those around me who are fighting daily with their health. Our bodies are not our own,. They are vessels simply on loan for us to live our lives. Good health can often be a game of chance it often seems. No rhyme or reason to why some suffer so much  while others never seem to have to deal with anything more serious than the odd cold.

It can be too easy to take good health for granted. While it cannot be bought we can take care of our bodies the best we can. This can take many forms from working out and how I eat.
Reminding myself that I GET to run at the park on a Sunday evening. Or that during set up at church I can climb up and down a ladder with ease. To be aware and grateful for what this body can do,.This will not always be my reality, I do not think I am not susceptible to poor health because I workout and do my best to eat healthy.  My genetic history tells me otherwise, I can however be sure to take care of this body the best I can throughout my life. Most importantly not take it for granted.


Me and my shadow at the park this evening.

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