Mid Week Motivator- Getting Back Out There

It is not easy to keep working consistently. It is a huge commitment to oneself and keeping that up can be tough. Whether or not you have dialed back your workouts or have stopped entirely there is hope! It will not be easy getting back into the routine of working out but it can be done.


First, be honest with yourself. Why have you stopped working out? What has changed in your life? What were you not getting out of your workouts? It is important to assess all of this.


Next ask yourself the following questions. What is my goal? No goal is too small. However having one is so important in getting back into it. Then once you reach that goal, set another one.


Now look at your schedule. When can you workout? It may not seem like it but you can fit it into your busy life. Maybe it means getting up earlier or moving something around. It will not be easy the first few times but before you know it can become a habit again. Not every workout needs to be an hour. Do you have 20min? We all have 20 min at some point in the day, start with that and then add 10 min each day. Eventually you will see the time is there.


Who can you work out with? If you do not have to do this alone, don’t. I can assure you there is someone in your life who would love to join you. Knowing that another person is setting aside their time to meet you is a great motivator. Plus the two of you can encourage each other.


Asking for accountability. Ask a good friend to follow up with you about your workouts. This is not meant to make you feel guilty about not working out. Instead think of it as a bragging moment. Sharing what awesome thing happened during that day’s workout can only push you do more on the next one!


Are you coming back from an injury? Modify,modify, modify. You can still work hard and not hurt yourself. Consult your doctor and listen to your body.


You are not the person you used to be when you were working out consistently. Go slow at first. For instance if you used to run a lot then start with walking and run in short intervals. If you try to go all out as used during the first week back at it then you are setting yourself up for failure. As I mentioned before, set a goal. Try out a local gym with a friend. See if you like the enviroment and what they have to offer. Check out local parks or try a different kind of exercise. Perhaps a yoga class or zumba.


Running errands or hanging out at home? Wear your workout clothes, already wearing them can lead to a work out since you will not need to stop and change.


You can do this. You are worth the investment.






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