Mid Week Motivator- Bored and Burntout

Last week I discussed how I wanted to improve both my attitdude towards and doing pushups. It’s such an essential exercise and as I pointed there are many benefits to doing them. I am working on this still and in a few weeks will give you an update. Today though I want to talk about running. Something that since I finished my first half marathon I have not done as often.


After the race I was burnt out and rather bored with running. The race was tougher than I expected and it took a bigger toll on me than I first realized. In the weeks since I have done more tonal workouts and when I do run its back to laps around the park track. I began to realize I was also gaining weight. Running as much as I had previously had help keep my weight in check. Not running as much I noticed my clothes becoming a bit tighter. I had to get back out there and on those days I am unable to run I need to add more cardio to my routine.


First I needed to regain the love for running that I had developed over the past few years. The first thing I did to do this was delete all my fitness apps from my phone. Yep, got rid of them. I decided to stop timing my runs. Then I decided I did not want to run such long distances, no more than three or four miles per run. Since I know the area where I have been doing my training well I do not need a gps to know the distance I ran. The first few times I went out there without the apps something amazing happened! I enjoyed my run! I did not over analyze it or berate myself for walking too much or not having a fast enough pace. I just enjoyed it. Using the songs that come up on my ipod nano to decide how each part of my run would go.


Of course if I decide to train for another race I will download those types of apps again but right now it is not needed. Just getting out there and enjoying my run is enough for me. On those days when I just bored of running only I stick with the park. There I can do different things without worrying about getting run over by oncoming traffic. Some things I enjoy doing is to run backwards for a while, this makes things interesting and little kids thinks its hysterical. Another thing I will do for a lap or during a lap what I call side skipping. I am sure there is real name for this but that is what I call it and it is a fun way to break up a run. Other times I add lunges, pushups, step ups and situps to a lap.


There are many ways to have fun with running, like the day I was enjoying running on a trail and came upon a snake! I ran so fast away from that thing and continued to look over my shoulder to make sure that it was not chasing me! I have seen too low budget creature movies it would seem.


I find I am no longer bored or burned out on running and find it fun. I look forward to my runs towards the end of the day, when it is cool and breezy out. Just the sound of my breath, my feet on the ground and road or park trail ahead of me. It feels amazing to enjoy it again.


How have you gotten yourself out of the bored and burn out mindset?



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