Mid Week Motivator- Push Ups and How I Hate Them

One of the the exercises I hate to do are push ups. I H-A-T-E them. They are like the brussel sprouts of the exercise world, at least for me. Good for you but taste terrible going down ( and for those of you who enjoy brussel sprouts do not be offended, I am just doing a comparison here.)


I have decided to face this hate head on. Instead of what I have been doing which is avoid doing them at all or doing them half assed. The more you read my blog you will realize that half assed is one of my favorite ways to describe my efforts. Let’s face it, not every work out is balls to the wall is it?

Especially when is comes to those exercises we do not like or enjoy as much as others. After all we all have our favorite go to ones that we have done to death.


But those other ones, the ones we need to do for our overall health. I need to do pushups and do them better than I have. To motivate myself I looked up the benefits of doing pushups. This is what I found on the internet.


Push ups are a compound exercise, which means that multiple muscles are being used at once. Which can also make them rather difficult to do, and if form is off then you are doing more damage then helping yourself. Take the time to learn proper form.


It stretches your back and biceps plus help tone them


It helps with circulating blood through the entire body thereby benefiting the heart and overall cardiovascular health.


Your body increases the production of the human growth hormone or HGH


Protects the body from injury, as it strengthens and stabilizes the muscles which support the shoulders when they are done properly.


NOT TO MENTION THEY ARE COMPLETELY FREE TO DO! They can be done anywhere, no matter where you are in the world or if I have a time constraints on my workout.


I am determined to to do my push ups well and gain all the benefits of doing them properly.



What is proper form?

Arms should be tucked under the shoulders and the rest of the body flow in a straight line behind. Buttocks not up in the air or hips pulling down. Go down at a 90 degree angle (or as far as you can go) and push straight up. Keeping arms close and not allowing for the elbows to flail about. There that is it, that is a push up!



Is there a type of exercise that you hate but do only grudgingly?




















I decided to think back to my P90X days, which I did for most of last year. I found a few workouts as well and decided to dedicate one workout a week just doing push ups. At least forty-five minutes


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  1. I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award because I love following your blog and think you deserve a lot of recognition. Please check out my post below to see the rules or how Leibster works, who else I nominated and (if you don’t know what Leibster is, find out what it is!) If you have already been nominated by someone else, please just know I admire you and keep your posts coming! Thanks so much!!




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