Mid Week Motivator- Getting The Diet Back On Track

I do not know about the rest you but this past week has wrecked havoc on my diet. I was out of my usual routine which to led poor food choices and my exercise routine being interrupted was part of this. I own that I basically gave up and indulged more than usual. By the Thursday after Easter I had reached my limit on chocolate! Not only was there Easter candy but treats given to me for administrative assistants day and I ATE IT ALL. Even as I ate the last chocolate truffle I reconized that I did not feel well. I was not sick to my stomach but I felt tired. A tired feeling I had not experienced since I have begun this journey to health. It was not only this previous week but the weeks leading up to this moment that gave me pause. I had become rather loose with what I have been eating and those results were starting to show.


I have maintained my weight since I met my goal weight. There have been fluctuations lately some of my pants have felt a bit tighter than they have in the past. I know this is nothing new for a lot of us out there. I can tell myself that how I ate is really not so terrible. In some aspects it really is not however allowing for these few poor choices can lead to more poor choices. I do not want to go back to being the fat girl. I need a healthy fear of the old me coming back and take action. So I had to step and back and face facts. I was being lazy, something I am far too prone to do. It was easier to give in to temptation, to tell myself that this cookie, cake, ice cream was justified. After all I had worked out that day, the calories will just melt away! It can be too easy to continue down this road.


The question becomes how can it be stopped. I can only speak for myself and what I can do. I can give advice and tips but please keep in mind this is what has worked for me in the past. I am also single and do not have a family who desires certain kinds of food. What am I going to do to get back on track? Go back to what worked for me in the past.


Walk away from the food spread out for the meeting. This was my downfall the other week.. I did not bring my lunch or snack to work and indulged in the bagels and muffins laid out.


Say no to gifts of candy- this can be hard, especially when you know that they are giving them to you out of love. I can accept them but perhaps give them away to someone else. It is not the gift givers fault that I had not told them I was abstaining from sweets or at least pulling back.


Not buying my trigger foods and snacks. I have been bad about this lately. Telling myself those lies of “Its frozen yogurt.” as I help myself to another scoop. Going to go back to my old staple of frozen fruit and abstaining from desert more often. I have done it before, I can do it again. Often my other favorite alternative is to chew gum with ice cubes.


Not eating past 7pm. This is doable however it takes planning. It will mean preparing meals ahead and not eating snacks socially. The last time I did this I did not have as many evening obligations. It is not easy but this can also be done. 


Asking myself why I am eating. Especially when I am not hungry and eating away. The usual answer is boredom. So the antidote to that would be to engage myself in an activity or get away from what it is that is driving me to eat. The only good thing is that most of the food I keep in my house is rather healthy. However too much of anything can become a bad thing.


I  do not have a weightloss goal this time around,other than having my pants feel less tight around the waist. I want to avoid having to purchase new clothes because my old ones are too tight to wear any longer. I simply do not have the funds or patience to do so at this time.

I am not trying to advocate that this is for everyone, and I realize that my view of eating badly may not seem so bad to another person. I can see the slippery, downward slope of these last few weeks. If I am not vigilant then I will find myself right back where this journey began. I do not want that to happen.

The wonderful thing is, it is possible to get back into eating better. Yes it can take time and energy, however anything worth doing will do that. It is important to not allow a few poor choices to continue for more poor choices.


How have you gotten back on your diet after getting off course? When did you realize you had gotten off track ?




No Guarantee

Good health is not guaranteed. Something that I have always known but until recently have not really known. As I see and about those around me who are fighting daily with their health. Our bodies are not our own,. They are vessels simply on loan for us to live our lives. Good health can often be a game of chance it often seems. No rhyme or reason to why some suffer so much  while others never seem to have to deal with anything more serious than the odd cold.

It can be too easy to take good health for granted. While it cannot be bought we can take care of our bodies the best we can. This can take many forms from working out and how I eat.
Reminding myself that I GET to run at the park on a Sunday evening. Or that during set up at church I can climb up and down a ladder with ease. To be aware and grateful for what this body can do,.This will not always be my reality, I do not think I am not susceptible to poor health because I workout and do my best to eat healthy.  My genetic history tells me otherwise, I can however be sure to take care of this body the best I can throughout my life. Most importantly not take it for granted.


Me and my shadow at the park this evening.

Mid Week Motivator- Getting Back Out There

It is not easy to keep working consistently. It is a huge commitment to oneself and keeping that up can be tough. Whether or not you have dialed back your workouts or have stopped entirely there is hope! It will not be easy getting back into the routine of working out but it can be done.


First, be honest with yourself. Why have you stopped working out? What has changed in your life? What were you not getting out of your workouts? It is important to assess all of this.


Next ask yourself the following questions. What is my goal? No goal is too small. However having one is so important in getting back into it. Then once you reach that goal, set another one.


Now look at your schedule. When can you workout? It may not seem like it but you can fit it into your busy life. Maybe it means getting up earlier or moving something around. It will not be easy the first few times but before you know it can become a habit again. Not every workout needs to be an hour. Do you have 20min? We all have 20 min at some point in the day, start with that and then add 10 min each day. Eventually you will see the time is there.


Who can you work out with? If you do not have to do this alone, don’t. I can assure you there is someone in your life who would love to join you. Knowing that another person is setting aside their time to meet you is a great motivator. Plus the two of you can encourage each other.


Asking for accountability. Ask a good friend to follow up with you about your workouts. This is not meant to make you feel guilty about not working out. Instead think of it as a bragging moment. Sharing what awesome thing happened during that day’s workout can only push you do more on the next one!


Are you coming back from an injury? Modify,modify, modify. You can still work hard and not hurt yourself. Consult your doctor and listen to your body.


You are not the person you used to be when you were working out consistently. Go slow at first. For instance if you used to run a lot then start with walking and run in short intervals. If you try to go all out as used during the first week back at it then you are setting yourself up for failure. As I mentioned before, set a goal. Try out a local gym with a friend. See if you like the enviroment and what they have to offer. Check out local parks or try a different kind of exercise. Perhaps a yoga class or zumba.


Running errands or hanging out at home? Wear your workout clothes, already wearing them can lead to a work out since you will not need to stop and change.


You can do this. You are worth the investment.






Dying to self

  I spent a good part of this past week doing something that just nearly a year ago was just an idea. Something that occurred to me in the middle of worship while leading at the High School missions camp. The thought was “what if there was a shorter version of camp for the college age people at my church?” The college ministry had ended a year or two before. This made me feel sad and I was not sure how this idea could even come about so I pushed it aside. At least I thought I had. Through out the rest of the week, witnessing these teenagers open up to God and each other the idea popped into my head again and again. Again and again I would push it aside. 




Because it was easier to doubt that it was possible than to dare to dream that it was possible. Because if this idea relied on myself alone then it would not happen. 


Then I had to let go of the idea that this thing would even need me. Yep you read that right. I had to allow myself to see that perhaps I would not be needed beyond having this thought and passing it along. That perhaps that was all I was meant to do. 


In that moment is when I began to understand what it meant to die unto oneself. Something I have heard over and over numerous times in my walk with Christ. But I just could not understand what that could mean or look . For me it means letting go. Simple sounding but not so simple in practice. It meant I had to let go of my ego that it would be me to make this college retreat happen. Nope that was up to another person entirely. 


In the end I had the privilege of leading the young women who joined us. Sleeping over together, staying up late talking about life, studying the Word and creating our own inside jokes. We were set off on a fit of giggles on numerous times during our three days together and boys would just shake their heads at us. It was awesome to hear the stories of prayer, repentance, worship and bonding that went on as the young men camped out together in a backyard. 


If I had been selfish and determined to organize this retreat myself it would of been a disaster. I do not say that because I doubt myself but I realize that God has placed people around me who are better equipped to take charge of these types of things. For this moment that is just fine. 

Sometimes you are just an idea person, there at the right time at just the right moment to say “Hey why don’t we…” Many hands and feet came together to make this retreat happen and I am so grateful for that! I am so thankful for all the people who provided meals, housing,  to serve the community. It was a beautiful thing to see.


Dying to self really is not that painful when the fruit from it is far greater. My prayer for these young people is for them to continue to pursue God and to grow closer with each other. To have a foundation in Christ that will be ingrained in them for life. It was a blessing to get to play a small part in it.

Mid Week Motivator- Bored and Burntout

Last week I discussed how I wanted to improve both my attitdude towards and doing pushups. It’s such an essential exercise and as I pointed there are many benefits to doing them. I am working on this still and in a few weeks will give you an update. Today though I want to talk about running. Something that since I finished my first half marathon I have not done as often.


After the race I was burnt out and rather bored with running. The race was tougher than I expected and it took a bigger toll on me than I first realized. In the weeks since I have done more tonal workouts and when I do run its back to laps around the park track. I began to realize I was also gaining weight. Running as much as I had previously had help keep my weight in check. Not running as much I noticed my clothes becoming a bit tighter. I had to get back out there and on those days I am unable to run I need to add more cardio to my routine.


First I needed to regain the love for running that I had developed over the past few years. The first thing I did to do this was delete all my fitness apps from my phone. Yep, got rid of them. I decided to stop timing my runs. Then I decided I did not want to run such long distances, no more than three or four miles per run. Since I know the area where I have been doing my training well I do not need a gps to know the distance I ran. The first few times I went out there without the apps something amazing happened! I enjoyed my run! I did not over analyze it or berate myself for walking too much or not having a fast enough pace. I just enjoyed it. Using the songs that come up on my ipod nano to decide how each part of my run would go.


Of course if I decide to train for another race I will download those types of apps again but right now it is not needed. Just getting out there and enjoying my run is enough for me. On those days when I just bored of running only I stick with the park. There I can do different things without worrying about getting run over by oncoming traffic. Some things I enjoy doing is to run backwards for a while, this makes things interesting and little kids thinks its hysterical. Another thing I will do for a lap or during a lap what I call side skipping. I am sure there is real name for this but that is what I call it and it is a fun way to break up a run. Other times I add lunges, pushups, step ups and situps to a lap.


There are many ways to have fun with running, like the day I was enjoying running on a trail and came upon a snake! I ran so fast away from that thing and continued to look over my shoulder to make sure that it was not chasing me! I have seen too low budget creature movies it would seem.


I find I am no longer bored or burned out on running and find it fun. I look forward to my runs towards the end of the day, when it is cool and breezy out. Just the sound of my breath, my feet on the ground and road or park trail ahead of me. It feels amazing to enjoy it again.


How have you gotten yourself out of the bored and burn out mindset?



I’ve Been Nominated!!

I have been plugging away at this blog for a while now ( just over a year, first at Blogger and now here). Today my dear friend and fellow blogger Janet ( check out her blog on Living with Anxiety and Panic Disorder www.livingwithanxietyandpanicdisorder.wordpress.com ) and Honest Reviews, great stuff on both!) nominated me for a Leibster Award! First thank you Janet for nominating me for this, even though I admit I did have to do some research about it.


This award motivates bloggers to work hard

It provides exposure to small bloggers

It helps to build god relationships with other bloggers

It is an opportunity to share more about you with others

It is easy and good fun


Once someone nominates you, follow the steps below

1- Thank the person that nominated you!

2- Post 11 facts about yourself

3- Answer the 11 questions posted by the person who nominated you

4- Nominate 10 bloggers with less than 200 followers that you think deserve some recognition

5- Inform those bloggers that you’ve nominated them!

6- Post 11 questions for them to answer.


So here it goes!


Eleven Facts

1- I admit and embrace my nerdiness and devotion to sci- fi, most particularly to Doctor Who these days.

2- I own a cat and I tend to instagram (@lindasconnelly and tweet (@lindasconnelly) about him way too much

3- Though I just turned 35 I believe my mental age to be about 25.

4- Blue is my favorite color and not because it matches it eyes.

5- Daydreaming is one of my favorite past times

6- I find running to be fun at times

7- I am obsessed with all the uses for Coconut Oil ( seriously there are A LOT!)

8- I don’t take advantage of living so close to the keys nearly enough ( this I will change in the future.)

9- I made my own coffee creamer then paid for it when I did not properly date it.

10- Journaling helps clarify my thoughts and I do it before I write anything.

11- I would not be who I am today if I did not follow Jesus.


And now for Janet’s questions for me.


1-Why did you decide to start blogging?


After getting healthy I had people approaching me about how I did it and decided blogging would be the best platform.


2- What is your biggest dream in life?


I hope to be able to support myself fully by writing within five years.


3- If you could have dinner with one person living or dead, who would it be and why?


This is hard but I honestly think a meal with Audrey Hepburn would be amazing. She lead such an interesting and loving life and having a conversation with her over a good meal would just be wonderful!


4- If you could change one thing about your, what would it be?


Nothing. I am exactly where I need to be at this point in my life.


5- Have you ever fired a gun?


Not yet, would like to try it at least once.


6- Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?


Neither, I have exactly the amount of intelligence and looks I can handle hahahaha!



7-What is your favorite joke?


That is really silly, Why six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine!


8- What is the worst present you have ever received?


None come to mind. Anytime someone puts the time and effort into a gift then how can it be bad?


9- What is your worst fear?


Not living a full life.


10- Is there anything about the opposite sex you just don’t understand or comprehend?


Loaded question! EVERYTHING!


11- Do you want to build a snow man?


Very badly, let’s do it!


Confession time, I honestly do not have a list of blogs to nominate and pass this along to. Getting nominated was great news then I began to feel guilty about this. I only have two that I would recommend taking the time to read and even follow. One belongs to Janet Mickley who nominated me and the other is a young lady who has begun to follow my blog. A college student named Cece I spent an evening reading through her posts and found them to thoughtful, intriguing and most of all full of young wisdom. Check her out her blog Excuse My Truths at www.excusemytruth.wordpress.com


Here are my 11 questions :


1- What inspires you to write a blog?

2- Have you ever wanted to restart a day?

3- During which television show do your friends know not to call you during?

4- How have you faced a fear head on in the last six months?

5- What was the result of facing it?

6- When was the last time you called someone instead of communicating via text or social media?

7-What are your hopes in writing a blog?

8- Have you felt discouraged in writing it?

9- Did you have an amazing, unexpected surprise lately?

10- You are given $1,000 and told to give it all away. What would you do?

11- What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


Mid Week Motivator- Push Ups and How I Hate Them

One of the the exercises I hate to do are push ups. I H-A-T-E them. They are like the brussel sprouts of the exercise world, at least for me. Good for you but taste terrible going down ( and for those of you who enjoy brussel sprouts do not be offended, I am just doing a comparison here.)


I have decided to face this hate head on. Instead of what I have been doing which is avoid doing them at all or doing them half assed. The more you read my blog you will realize that half assed is one of my favorite ways to describe my efforts. Let’s face it, not every work out is balls to the wall is it?

Especially when is comes to those exercises we do not like or enjoy as much as others. After all we all have our favorite go to ones that we have done to death.


But those other ones, the ones we need to do for our overall health. I need to do pushups and do them better than I have. To motivate myself I looked up the benefits of doing pushups. This is what I found on the internet.


Push ups are a compound exercise, which means that multiple muscles are being used at once. Which can also make them rather difficult to do, and if form is off then you are doing more damage then helping yourself. Take the time to learn proper form.


It stretches your back and biceps plus help tone them


It helps with circulating blood through the entire body thereby benefiting the heart and overall cardiovascular health.


Your body increases the production of the human growth hormone or HGH


Protects the body from injury, as it strengthens and stabilizes the muscles which support the shoulders when they are done properly.


NOT TO MENTION THEY ARE COMPLETELY FREE TO DO! They can be done anywhere, no matter where you are in the world or if I have a time constraints on my workout.


I am determined to to do my push ups well and gain all the benefits of doing them properly.



What is proper form?

Arms should be tucked under the shoulders and the rest of the body flow in a straight line behind. Buttocks not up in the air or hips pulling down. Go down at a 90 degree angle (or as far as you can go) and push straight up. Keeping arms close and not allowing for the elbows to flail about. There that is it, that is a push up!



Is there a type of exercise that you hate but do only grudgingly?




















I decided to think back to my P90X days, which I did for most of last year. I found a few workouts as well and decided to dedicate one workout a week just doing push ups. At least forty-five minutes


I Failed and Lived…..

I have this problem, I doubt anyone else can relate called IMPATIENCE! I get excited about getting something done or doing something and instead of taking the time I should to complete a task I HURRY. It is something I will have to deal with throughout my life and it has gotten better over the years. But recently I dealt with something that showed me it is still very much part of my life.

This past previous week I had some technical issues posting my Mid Week Motivator. I was attempting to link to a previous post and it was just not working. The problem I realized was not the technology but me. I was hurrying to get something done and in doing so the job was short shifted. I could not wait to post so instead of waiting to do so after work that day I posted from my phone ( which I admit while it can do a lot is not the best kind of phone.) Once it was posted I did not have patience to wait for the preview to upload and instead just posted. Which lead to me having to delete the post from my Twitter and Face book accounts. 

I was anxious to post and was being lazy about getting it done. I did not want to have to change my afternoon plans in order to do so. In doing so I paid the consequence of being impatient. Over and over in my life I have encountered this and still have not learned my lesson. Sometimes taking the slow road is the best road. In doing this in a hurry I failed to present a good post for you dear readers. Freaking out over how terrible this looked on the outside did not help matters. How can I look professional when a post like that goes up?!

It also showed me I have a lot to learn about Word press and doing something as simple as linking a post. In every sense I failed this past week. That is just fine. Failing is part of life. In failing it is a chance to step back ( you can see this is something I advocate often!) and take in what went wrong. It showed me how much I need to learn and to find the resources to do so. It can be easy to get overwhelmed in starting something new from a career move to working out. No one ever achieves their dream with out failing first, how else does anyone learn? 

You know what? That is OK. You have to start somewhere and the key to anything essentially to keep moving forward. ( Again something else you will often hear me write about.) It would be easy to just give up after this week’s experience. To walk away from posting anything every again. In the past when I have run into problems in trying something I would just give up. However, I just can no longer do that to myself. One of the best things I learned on this journey is facing the failure can be tough but is worth it. There is much to learn from a bad posting experience or even a bad run. 

If you are in the middle of your weight loss journey and you are having a bad week or a bad workout, step back and think about what went wrong. Are you jumping ahead of your skill level? How has your diet and sleep schedule been. Have you been working out consistently?

Some questions I am asking myself are, what do I need to learn about Word Press. What are some of the best resources for me to seek out to learn. That is what makes a failure an opportunity. If I do not use this moment to learn only then is it truly a failure. You know what else I learned? The world did not end with this failure! My blog was not taken away from nor was I banned from ever posting again. I will fail I hope more often and in spectacular fashion. How else will my dreams ever come true?


Have any of you out there failed lately? What have you learned or are still learning from this experience?


Mid Week Motivator- Sweet Rewards

I had another post ready to go for this week’s midweek motivator. Then I got this in the mail yesterday! image This past February I ran my first half marathon in the Miami Marathon. At the finish line there were no more medals and they mailed me mine. I have already posted about this previously in a post tilted No Medal, No Problem ( I apologize for no link but I have had issues trying to put one in and it became too frustrating to continue.)

What I want to say with this is rewards can be unexpected in this process of becoming healthy. Sometimes they come later than we want but the rewards do come. Keep moving, keep going. What I kept saying to myself during the race was “Keep moving forward”. This can be applied to  all aspects of life. Keep moving forward, the  sweet rewards will come!