Growing and Gaining Life

For the past few weeks I have been reposting edited and updated old posts from my Blogger account. Thank you to those who have started to follow me! Today I want to let you know where I hope the direction of this blog will be in the future. I want to continue to focus on health, not just physical health but all around health. What I have seen again and again on this journey I am on is that everything is connected. From the food that we consume, to what physical activities we do and how that impacts our overall well being.

Thinking about that and how to grow this blog, it finally came to me! First increase the amount of times I post per week. From now on I will be posting twice a week, on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. On Monday’s ( which I am toying with calling Monday’s Motivators) will include previous posts, stories from my friends about losing weight and other topics to get you going for the week! In this vein if any of you out there have a story to share please email me at for a future guest post.

Wednesday’s will be shorter posts, ones about how to buy healthy food on a tight budget ( and making it last longer!). New exercise routines I have been trying out, recipes and how to restock that empty pantry with healthy alternatives. These are just a ideas I have had. If there are any topics I am not covering or overlooking please, dear reader bring it to my attention. 

On occasion there may be a post that will be more of a one of, such as addressing mental health or even spiritual health. As I said, I feel they are all connected. Thank you dear readers as I figure out how to grow this blog without you or myself becoming bored. 


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